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The runner at Badwater is utterly dependent upon the support of their crew:
a bunch of people who volunteer to spend sevcral sleepless days and nights out on the road in the searing heat of Death Valley. And they actually seem to enjoy it!

"CREW = cranky runner; endless waiting"

So - many thanks to my crews over the past 10 years, and hoping that some of you will continue to support me in future Badwater races


Badwater 2002
Anne Tournay, Robin Parker, I.P., Angelo Demuro, Cameron Parker


Badwater 2003
Grace Stutzmann, Judit Pallos, Robin Parker, I.P., Anne Tournay, Angelo Demuro


Badwater 2004
Melanie Matheu, Angelo Demuro, I.P., Judit Pallos, Robin Parker, Anne Tournay, Cameron Parker


Badwater 2005
Jianwei Shuai, Andy, Melanie Matheu, Judy Sammatisbootr, I.P., Anne Tournay, Robin Parker


Badwater 2006
Ian Smith, Melanie Matheu, Anne Tournay, I.P., Steve Wiltgen, Jianwei Shuai


Badwater 2007
Melanie Matheu, Heather Rose, Judit Pallos, I.P., Anne Tournay, Chris Raub, Ian Smith

Badwater 2008
Ian Smith, Steve Wiltgen, Melanie Matheu, Anne Tournay, I.P., Michiko Yamasaki, Chris Raub

Badwater 2010

Ian Smith, Melanie Matheu, Amanda Burkhardt, Robin Parker, Steve Wiltgen, Anne Tournay

Badwater 2011

Anne Tournay, Ian Smith, George Dickinson, Divya Swaminathan, Milton Greenberg, Phuong Tran

Badwater 2012

Anne Tournay, Ian Smith, George Dickinson, Divya Swaminathan, Melanie Matheu, Steve Wiltgen

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