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: fleeting, transitory
evanescent wave: a nearfield standing wave, employed for total internal reflection microscopy

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New Work - Archives 2011


A total of 525 photos added for 2011

Last additions from 2011. Photos taken while driving through the California and Arizonan deserts en route to participate in a 24-hour race in Phoenix



A week in Iceland in early December. We were lucky to have some clear, cold nights revealing auroral displays.

Aurora on the horizon : Jokulsarlon



Icelandic daytime light in winter was sometimes monochromatic, but often the 'golden hour' stretched in slow motion from dawn to dusk.

Sea stacks and time-blurred surf : Vik, Iceland




Veteran's Day weekend visit to Joshua Tree National Park with Eric Doran. A hike to 49 Palms Oasis, sunset at 'THE tree', and a 5:00am awakening to get to the Cholla Garden for sunrise.




Late October 2011 : A few days in Southern Utah - mostly in the Escalante canyons from the Hole in the Rock road, and with a brief excursion through Capitol Reef to the Factory Butte badlands near Cainville.



October 2011 - An overnight stay at Little Finland to break the journey on a trip to Utah

Textures and patterns in the sandstone plateau


October 16, 2011 : Back to Bolsa Chica. Thick marine layer, so not much color, but good for abstracting birds against a neutral grey background.


And, some photos from the UCI campus after a clearing storm a few weeks ago - plus a motion blur abstract





October 9, 2011 : Good light in the early morning at Bolsa Chica




October 2nd, 2011 : A visit to Bolsa Chica, with a stop on the way back at Huntington Beach for sunset photos of oil rigs.




SEPT 26, 2011 : A couple of shots from outside my office. Trees in front of Steinhaus Hall on the UCI campus glowing in the last rays of the setting sun.



SEPT 24, 2011 : I have started looking through my photo archives to assemble 'triptychs', groupings of images of similar subjects captured and post-processed to match one another in color balance and/ot tonality. Because these are not 'new' images, I include just a couple of examples below. To see more, click HERE to go to my new Triptychs gallery.


SEPT 5, 2011. : Posting photos from a 3500 mile road trip through Northern California and Oregon

Mono Lake

Lassen National Volcanic Park

Crater Lake National Park

Painted Hills: John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon

Oregon: Cascade Mountains

Oregon Coast

Pacific Redwoods

Bristlecone Pine Forest


Aug. 8: Processed some previously overlooked archive shots from Iceland, while watching the stock market collapse.


July 31, 2011. Communing with the terns at Bolsa Chica while waiting for consensus on raising the national debt ceiling


Attended a Gorden Research Conference at Colby College Maine, followed by a couple of days visiting Acadia National Park.



Photos from a one-week circuit around Southern Utah, June 13-20 2011



An overnight trip to Joshua Tree




I returned in late March from a March 'Photo Safari' to the Atacama Desert of Chile and the Bolivian Altiplano, led by Joe van Os. Click HERE for Joe's trip report, and HERE for a slideshow of his shots. Then, please come back to this page to view my images...

A day in Santiago to recover from the flight from L.A.


Artifacts in Museo Pre Columbian

Valparaiso - Ancient port city, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and canvas for the most extravagant graffiti



The salt hotel by Salar de Uyuni

The train graveyard, Uyuni, Bolivia


Souvenir bags

Super-macho 4WD en route from Venezuela to Patagonia

Truck - not on its way to Patagonia


Flora and fauna (mostly flamingos!) of Bolivia and Chile



I can do that too!






Landscapes of Bolivia and Chile



Salar de Uyuni

Images from the Salar de Uyuni, the highlight of our trip. The Salar is the largest salt flat in the world, encompassing some 40,000 square miles: rather similar to Badwater Basin of Death Valley, but following a large dose of steroids and elevation to an altitude higher than the summit of Telescope Peak. Our visit was timed to coincide with the end of the rainy season, when the Salar is flooded to a depth of a few inches, creating a huge 'mirror of the sky'. We stayed for three days, based at a remarkably luxurious hotel built of salt, and venturing onto the Salar each day for sunrise and sunset shots. The images below are organized by time of day. Pre-dawn brought soft, pastel light, when the Earch and sky appeared to blend into one, mid-day was a surrreal blue experience, sunset brought a more intense color palette and, on our first evening, spectacular cloud reflections from thunderstorms over the mountains to the East.





February 21: A bright morning at Bolsa Chica after the storm passed through




February 11-13: Yosemite for the Horsetail Falls 'firefall'

NOTE - Firefox has problems with very large images, such as the full-res files of the two photos above.The latest versions of IE and Chrome work OK.



January 2011: Some 'architectural' photos of the UC Irvine campus, learning how to use my new 17 mm tilt/shift lens.


January 2011: Big Sur and the Californa coast over Martin Luther King weekend

And, an obliging long-billed curlew at Morro Strand State Beach




New Year, 2011: A winter trip to Alabama Hills and Eureka Valley




January 2011: Some old images, but newly-worked over the Christmas vacation



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