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Optical single-channel recording: imaging Ca(2+) flux through individual N-type voltage-gated channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes.
Demuro A, Parker I
Cell Calcium 2003 Dec 34(6):499-509 [abstract on PubMed] [related articles] [order article]
Selected by | Colin Taylor
Evaluated 18 Dec 2003
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Colin Taylor
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Tech Advance
A method is described that will transform analysis of ion channels by allowing the activities of many individual Ca2+ channels to be simultaneously recorded with high temporal and spatial resolution. It offers a simple approach to high-throughput screening of single channels and promises to combine many of the advantages of patch-clamp recording with new opportunities to address the spatial distribution of channel activity. The technique uses fluorescent Ca2+ indicators and confocal microscopy, it is readily applicable to different Ca2+-permeable ion channels, and adaptable for use with inexpensive total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) methods.

Evaluated 18 Dec 2003
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